Monday, 5 September 2011

live a creative life.

over the weekend, one half of our creative team was fortunate enough to be presenting at a 'spring styling workshop' in sydney.

as well as having a background in event production, creative designer, jane frosh, works as a stylist.  editorial, event and photographic styling make up the bulk of her work, but this weekend she branched out into presenting.

it was a lovely intimate workshop.

gorgeous bunch of women who were wanting to shake their worlds up a little.

our show.pony with penny webb from 'working mum's masterclass'.

a vast collection of storyboards 

jane presented on styling the environment that you live in.  showing how correct use of colour can invigorate your space.  how using storyboards can help visualise your end result. 

at show.pony, we believe that you can create events in a similar way.  beautiful, personal spaces can equate to beautiful, personal, creative events.

live a creative life.


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